Best Actor/Actress in a Leading Role Eligibility

To be eligible to be nominated for Best Actor/Actress in Leading Role, performers must be nominated by their school’s CAPA Marquee Awards coordinator and must have played a National High School Musical Theatre Awards® (NHSMTA®)-recognized leading role in their school’s production. For this reason, only students who play a NHSMTA®-recognized leading role in their high school’s production will be eligible for the Best Actor/Actress in a Leading Role categories.

Due to the nature of the award, the Best Actor/Actress in a Leading Role nominees and winners will be determined by both a production and audition score. Eligible student performers will receive a score from the three adjudicators that attend their school’s production.  The adjudicated score will count as 65% of the total score. Additionally, these student performers will be required to audition for an adjudication panel. The panel audition score will count as 35% of the total score.  The combined production and audition score will determine the nominees and the winners in this category.

Student Participation Handbook

Information about the adjudication process, panel audition, nomination process, Marquee Awards Showcase participation, and the National High School Musical Theatre Awards® can all be found in the Student Handbook for Best Actor/Actress in a Leading Role-Eligible Performers.

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Panel Audition

The panel audition will be held on Saturday, March 20, 2021. Participation in the panel audition is mandatory to be eligible as a nominee for Best Actor/Actress in a Leading Role.  For the panel audition, students must perform a 2-2 ½ minute audition song (ballad or up-tempo) from the 2021 NHSMTA®-recognized leading roles list. The song may not be from the same musical as the CAPA Marquee Awards-eligible role. A full list of rules and requirements can be found in the Participation Handbook.

Students are required to sign up for a half-hour audition slot. A link to sign-up will be available here starting at noon on Friday, February 12, 2021, and will close at noon on Monday, March 8, 2021.

Best Actor/Actress in a Leading Role Panel Audition Prep Workshop

CAPA Marquee Award students who are performing in a NHSMTA®-eligible leading role during the 2020-2021 CAPA Marquee Awards season and are participating in the Panel Audition will be invited to attend a Panel Audition Prep Session. More details about the Prep Session will be available here in the Fall.